Prof. Vidyanath Jha

‘I want to thank Charkha for creating such an opportunity for our students – their writings are now being published in various newspapers. The students have shared these published articles with the faculty. In recognition of their efforts and exemplary initiative to speak on behalf of the disadvantaged, we have recognized them with Awards on Independence Day, August 15, 2009. The Skill Building Workshop was very necessary for students of this Girl’s College as most of these girls hail from marginalized villages.  As a teacher, it is our duty to encourage them,’said Shri Vidyanath Jha,then-Principal of MRM Girls College, Darbhanga, in a college function shortly after Charkha had conducted writing workshops for the girls who, as per convention, led extremely sheltered lives. With the support of the Principal, the girls travelled to remote parts of the district and wrote about the difficult conditions in which the poor live, particularly in flood-prone areas around the Kosi River.