Mohammed Iqbal

‘Charkha has been a friend and guide to turning to, whenever we have been in difficulty. We came into contact with Charkha in 2009 and they helped us organise a meal during the popular annual Ladakh festival. They’ve carried stories about me and PAGIR;  showcased our work at different platforms,’ says Mohammed Iqbal, founder-President of PAGIR, a reputed disability rights organization in Leh District of Ladakh. A truly remarkable and inspiring man, Iqbal defies every possible cliché of a severely disabled person. Being officially certified 98% disabled did not stop him from leading the disability movement in this high-altitude mountainous region. He believes that people have misconceived notions that disabled people cannot do anything. PAGIR works to explore and build on the potential of disabled people to bring them into the mainstream; and Charkha has partnered with the group to give their efforts due to visibility through appropriate forms of media.