Aijazul Haq

Aijaz, a student of a madrassa in Surankote Tehsil, Poonch, has attended three Skill Building Sessions organized by Charkha. He has always been fond of writing but had little understanding of social issues. The sensitivity and awareness he gained at the Charkha Session moved him to do something – and he has written several articles for Charkha since.

By his own admission, he found he was no longer blind to the hardships of people around him. He narrates the experience of going up to a woman he had often seen begging on the streets, curious – now – to find out why she was forced to beg. The woman, Moniza Bi, widow of Abdul Aziz of Village Potha, Surankote, had applied for Government Pension some four years ago but had received nothing so far, hence the recourse to begging.

Aijaz followed up her case with the Social Welfare Office of Surankote Tehsil and successfully obtained for her the entitlement of Old Age Pension for the period January to March 2013. Delighted, he went to her home to hand over the first cheque personally, receiving much gratitude and blessings for his selfless act.

Moniza Bi has now been enrolled for the scheme and is expected to receive this pension regularly. Aijaz attended a Skill Building Session in early October to share his inspiring story and encourage other youth to also work for their communities.