Increased access to development information among the most marginalized communities of Ladakh and greater integration with the rest of the state and country through writings reflecting their development issues and their unique community strengths.


Media Fellowships and Awards

Charkha’s initiatives in Ladakh are based on the recognition that, in this remote area vulnerable to conflict, the need for information is especially critical on two counts: one, to enable the disadvantaged communities to access basic facilities like secure livelihoods, education and health care; and two, to adapt socio-economic initiatives to their specific identified needs for effective and sustainable development of this strategically and environmentally sensitive region. [More…]. Women play a crucial role in nurturing these linkages for greater integration and harmony and hence form the focus of most Charkha activities.

The Sanjoy Ghose Media Fellowships for Peace & Development and the Sanjoy Ghose Media Fellowships for Women Journalists in Areas of Conflict are designed to highlight the voices of the most marginalized in remote areas of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

In addition, Charkha instituted the Sanjoy Ghose Ladakh Women Writers’ Awards in 2008, to encourage aspiring women writers from the remote districts of Leh and Kargil to share their perspectives about the development needs of the people in the face of increasing socio-economic and environmental changes; and the achievements and strengths of these culturally distinct communities.

From 2010 onwards, youth from rural Leh, Ladakh will be encouraged to speak up about their development concerns and aspirations through their writings; and to explore community-based, sustainable solutions and opportunities.

Ladakh Women Writers Forum is also envisaged to enable women to participate actively in discussions and debates involving their development and future growth of the region. The emphasis is on building the capacities of young women writers in Kashmir and Ladakh regions as a Collective to become catalysts of change through their powerful writings, highlighting the positive contribution of women.

Initiative for Persons with Disability, Leh

Since 2009, Charkha has been creating a Communication and Information Network for a Leh-based group of persons with disability who are working on a unique, eco-friendly initiative to earn their livelihood by making creative products such as file folders, cloth bags, pen stands, cushions and newspaper bags from recycled paper and waste cloth; and selling them locally through their retail outlet in Leh town. [More…]

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