In order to honor individuals who work towards bringing about a change in their communities through their writings and social advocacy efforts, Charkha has initiated several fellowships and awards since 2003. These are a source of recognition, reward and inspiration for the writers.

Awards given to Charkha

  • Charkha Puraskar
  • Charkha-Sanjoy Ghose Media Fellowship in Jammu & Kashmir
  • Charkha-Sanjoy Ghose Fellowship for Peace and Development
  • Sanjoy Ghose Humanitarian Award for Story Writing
  • Sanjoy Ghose Fellowship on Role of Women Journalists in Areas of Conflict
  • Sanjoy Ghose Ladakh Women Writers’ Award
  • Sanjoy Ghose Special Writers’ Award (for people with disabilities)
  • Sanjoy Ghose Rural Fellowships

Charkha Awards