Improved social and economic inclusion of the flood-prone rural marginalized communities along the Indo-Nepal border using communication and information mechanisms

Presently, little information is available, among those likely to be the worst affected by the annual floods, about the mitigation measures and preparations purportedly made by the Government at the Central, State and District levels, nor is guidance available for better access to education and health services; or for adaptations in agricultural practices or alternate livelihood opportunities. Well-informed and connected communities, Civil Society Groups and Government officials can highlight these development concerns and take action to reduce the vulnerability of the disadvantaged communities by working towards appropriate and effective government facilities and implementation of schemes launched for their benefit. This is a key reason why information and communication are integral to the empowerment process.The Project is based in select flood-prone rural districts in north Bihar [More…] to facilitate the creation of a community-owned Integrated Communication Network that connects rural marginalized communities with Civil Society groups, socially-motivated individuals and Governance bodies through the creative use of media at the district, state and national levels, in an effort to highlight their grave concerns and mitigate their social and economic vulnerabilities.

Sitamarhi and Darbhanga Districts are among the most marginalized districts in Bihar, impacted by the annual flooding of several river basins. About 3.2 million people live below the official poverty line in these two districts alone. Charkha’s initiatives were, therefore, launched here. [More…]

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