About Us

Charkha works towards the social and economic inclusion of marginalized communities in remote and conflict areas through the creative use of media. Many of these areas are highly inaccessible and socially, economically and politically unstable.

Charkha conducts five day skill building workshops for youth with each participant undergoing a cycle of three workshops; the first two workshops aim to train participants to report and write on local issues while the third builds their capacity to become social advocates.

Founded in 1994 by the visionary social activist, Sanjoy Ghose, Charkha Development Communication Network is an innovative non-profit organization that works towards the social and economic inclusion of rural marginalized communities through the creative use of media. Rural marginalized communities often remain unheard and have little access to information that they can use to overcome their social and economic disadvantages. Charkha is committed to empowering these communities by building their capacity to speak up at the local, state and national levels and access available resources to obtain their rights and entitlements.

It is to the credit of singularly dedicated individuals who have worked with Charkha over the years – and been enriched by it, in turn – that the network has sustained and grown in the two decades of its existence, bringing visibility and development in ‘difficult’ areas where few cares to strive for change.


To create sustainable two-way communication networks that enable under-served and vulnerable communities to benefit from development mechanisms and advocate for policy changes.


Enable communities living in remote areas to, through the creative use of media, take responsibility for their own development



  • Secondary Data Collection re-key social indicators
  • Qualitative Research to understand attitudes to various development issues
  • Baseline quantitative Usage & Attitude Study
  • Identifying potential social and media advocates and field partners


Workshop Deployment

  • Conducting Orientation Sessions, Skills Workshops and Information Workshops
  • Developing a community space to serve as a meeting place and workshop area
  • Identifying key social indicators that will be measured and tracked and determining the influences to such indicators.


Counseling & Advocacy

  • Deploying Social Advocates in the area and reviewing performance through observation and anecdotal evidence
  • Working with media advocates to write, disseminate to print media for publishing and follow up stories
  • Deploying appropriate non-conventional media for social advocacy


Steady State

  • Bridging communication between State and Non-State players
  • Continuous development of media and social advocates