Improved communication skills to articulate social concerns of the marginalized communities, particularly the women and children in the Kashmir Valley

Improved abilities of marginalized communities in remote villages of Kupwara District to access development programs and improve the quality of their lives

Media Fellowships and Awards

The first Sanjoy Ghose Media Fellowships for Peace & Development were announced in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in 2003. The response was tremendous. The research-based writings, disseminated widely through mainstream national print media, threw light on a hitherto poorly understood region and marked the beginning of a deeper engagement with young people from the Valley as well as from Jammu & Ladakh.

Over the years, Charkha has been encouraging writings from the State to highlight the impact of conflict on the most vulnerable, viz. the women and children. Through the Sanjoy Ghose Media Fellowships for Women Journalists in Areas of Conflict and the Humanitarian … Awards, promising young writers, particularly women, have been generating research-based writings that reflect the unique perspectives of women and share inspiring stories of courage and determination of Kashmiri women to rebuild a society ravaged by two decades of violence. The writings are now disseminated widely, through mainstream national publications as well as web portals, to a wide audience.

For details of the Fellowships and Awards, [Click here].

Over the years, the Fellowships gave tremendous encouragement to young aspiring women, creating a group of young development-oriented women writers who have brought to the fore – through the national media – many hitherto unheard voices of the women and children devastated by decades of conflict. Taking the initiative forward, Charkha facilitated the formation of the Srinagar-based Kashmir Women Writers’ Forum in 2008, encouraging members to use this platform to highlight the development issues of the marginalized communities.

Recognizing the need to delve deeper to highlight the voices of the marginalized in rural Kashmir who have very poor access to basic amenities like health and education services, livelihood opportunities and connectivity through roads, bridges and telephony, Charkha explored the remote district of Kupwara at the LoC. [More…]

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