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No Tilling, No Chemicals:the Mantra for Agriculture  

By Baba Mayaram, M.P

A 12-acre innocuous looking farm on the Bhopal-Hoshangabad road is doing extraordinary things to make cultivation as close to nature and to the communities needs as possible. In the process, it not only boosts crop yield, retains the goodness of the environment but actually gives the communities the much needed cash edge for their survival more...

The thirst of Kashmir

By Rahila Bano, Kashmir

The beautiful vale of Kashmir is running dry. Not that there aren’t any water sources but more like a lack of priorities and focus on the issue by the government. For those, largely women who trek long distances through sometimes treacherous terrain, this is proving excruciating. Will the recently concluded Panchayat elections change anything? more...

Mining jeopardizing Development

By B. Kumar, Delhi

The sounds reverberating in the Environment Ministry on demarcating areas for coal mining are sounding the right note of a growth path in sync with environment protection. But what about regulation of the ‘unseen’ mining going on across the country, supported by a nexus of power-brokers and illegal miners, these are causing havoc not only to the environment but also to lives of the community.more...

The official stand on Education in Ladakh

By Stanzin Angmo, Leh

Why is it that only Ladakh amongst the three regions of J&K still does not have a Central University? Why hasn’t a college for a popular course like B Ed not was opened? The recently elected Chief Executive Officer (CEC) of LAHDC, Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council has some interesting insights more...

Denying inherent forest rights of the adivasi is not good policy

By Aloka Kujur, Ranchi

Forest communities are covered under protective mechanisms and laws like the Forest Act 2006. Yet they are the target of an uncaring system and often persecuted for going about their lives which are so deeply connected with the forests. Understandably there is a reason for all this given the entrenched interests in the timber and forest land. Policy and those who implement it needs to rise above this to give the adivasis their due. more...

A Green Rhapsody

By Sujata Raghavan, Delhi

Children in the village schools in Kanker district of Bastar region are having a whale of a time. Nature walks, exhibitions, poster campaigns and actually working the fields to clear a dangerous flowering called ‘gajar ghaans’, going door-to-door with a message of protecting the environment. There is one man behind all this, Virender Singh who has earned the pseudonym of ‘Green Commando’. He is driven by a passion to inculcate in the young, the value of preserving our natural resources for posterity. more...

Reclaiming childhood from the pits of Jharkhand

By Priya Zutshi, Mumbai

Something horrendous is happening in the illegal coal mines of Giridih, Jharkhand with young boys like Shambhu employed in these dangerous work of digging out coal from the depths of the earth.  Yet there is a point of light which is now expanding.  Jago an organization under the aegis of CRY ( Child Relief and You) is working to empower communities so that they can extricate themselves from the grip of exploitation and aspire towards more humane way of life more...

A culturally-appropriate education system needed

By Kunzes Dolma, Leh

Nurturing young minds and opening them out to the potential of education is understandably one of the main development concerns of any region. Particularly one which has a distinct historical, cultural, geographical entity like Ladakh. It is vital that the education be tuned to its unique needs rather than be steam-rolled into one uniform system of the state government. more...

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