Award & Recognition

Limca Book of Record

National Record 2011

Charkha Development Communication Network, a Delhi-based non-profit organization founded by Sanjoy Ghose on Oct 24, 1994 is the only NGO in the country to run trilingual feature service on regular basis. It has been producing feature service in English and Hindi since 1994 and Urdu since October 5, 2005. With its motto ‘Spinning action into words’ , Charkha generates articles on development issues from rural areas, edits and disseminates them to national and regional publications.

Vijaya Ghose
Editor, Limca Book of Records

Charkha Features

Print Media/Special Award/Best Feature Service
In cognition of its commitment to addressing and analyzing gender issues

Charkha Features is rendering invaluable service towards mainstreaming gender perspective in the print media by making available analytical, informative and thought provoking articles on gender issues. It’s articles are published by various newspapers and websites.

For its journalistic focus on a variety of gender issues, reaching out to the various states and Publications, and in multiple languages, Charkha Features is awarded the UNFPA-Laadli Media Award for Gender Sensitivity 2009-10

Laadli is Population First’s Girl Child Campaign that addresses an important social issue-the bias against the girl child which makes her unwelcome in many families. The UNFPA-Laadli Media Awards for Gender Sensitivity were instituted by Population First to highlight, acknowledge and celebrate the commendable efforts by various media at providing gender just perspectives, portrayals and analysis

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